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I managed Nia Technique's + Debbie Rosas (The Nia Technique's founder) Instagram, and Facebook accounts. This includes research + ideation, scheduling, creation of assets, and daily posting. When I came onto the Nia HQ team, their social media accounts were brand new. The following we have gained is authentic and increasing daily. 

What I am always considering in my process for SM :

  • The brief (target audience / message / objectives)

  • The insight (what led you to decide to make the thing you did)

  • The idea (what you decided to do)

  • The execution (what it looked like - i.e. show the work)

  • The results (both quantitative and qualitative - what metrics did it hit, and what did people say about it?)

  • Above all, creating content and copy that is personal and relatable while remaining on brand



I freelanced for Ava Genes restaurant when they were searching for various ways to showcase their restaurant visually. I came up with alternative options in a schematic (Brand Deck) for them to follow to continue growing their brand. 

This included:

  • Multiple : an compositional array of one particular ingredient, often close up

  • CU : "Close Ups" of details of the restaurant environment

  • Specials : Cropped Compositions of Plates they offer nightly, or when menu is seasonal

  • BTS : "Behind the Scenes" showcasing examples of cooks in the kitchen




Every good product starts out with a concrete plan. 

That is why everything I manage has it's own system that is easy to access, share, and understand.